Driven hunt

The guides are a very important element for the development of the hunt, they are experts in the territory and knowledgeable about the animals’ needs.

Hunt with hounds and horns (Big game hunting)


Hounds are an indispensable element in any hunt as, both in squads hunting and beating, they lift up and chase partridges to later collect all the pieces which have been shot down.

All-terrain vehicles journey

Ammunition and weapons

In our country estate there are all kinds of calibre and categories in bullet’s cartridges, therefore, allowing hunters to choose from a wide variety of makes and models in case they do not have their own firearm.

Boarding house and meals


In Ojeos y Cacerías La Solana we have cosy amenities that will make our guests feel at home with large lounges and comfortable bedrooms, always caring for the details to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Guides and bearers

Hunting secretary

Our secretaries do always pay attention to any necessity which the hunter may have in the countryside, thus, their work is essential for Red-legged partridge beatings mainly, as they help with the collection of partridges, ammunition loading and transport of weapons and equipment.

Permissions management

Airport pickup service

Accompanying persons’ tourism activities

Thanks to our situation in ‘Campo de Montiel’, a natural and historic region in Castilla located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, we can offer diverse cultural and sightseeing tours to discover emblematic villages such as Almagro, La Solana, Villanueva de Los Infantes, San Carlos del Valle… (less than thirty minutes ride away from our facilities) which were captivated by the deeds of the very well-known ‘Don Quijote de La Mancha’. Another great option is to visit the Alhambra of Granada, the Great Mosque of Córdoba, the Toledo fortress, and different cities that are about two hours by car from our country states. Finally, you cannot miss a visit to the impressive Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park, an authentic natural paradise located less than thirty kilometres away which astonishes every visitor.

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