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Red-legged partridge

Few breeds as the partridge allow the hunter to enjoy, together with...


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Among the many small game possibilities a hunter can find in Castilla-La...


La Marina Country State

This place is our main ‘operation centre’ which has 5000 hectares of...


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For the enjoyment of hunting, it's mandatory to respect the close season...


Hunting in La Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha can boast of many things, such as its wine, excellent traditional Spanish gastronomy, its genuine sense of hospitality… and most importantly, its large expanses of land where hunting is practiced. This activity offers a wide array of alternatives, thereby adjusting to the preferences, seasons and needs of hunters. Hunting is of great importance in La Mancha not only for being considered a leisure or sporty activity, but also for the generation of intense entrepreneurial operation and its enormous influence on this region’s socio-economics.

According to information supplied by the Government, hunting generates over 6,500 permanent jobs for direct employment, nurture and utilization of species which can be hunted, that amounts to 1,700,000 annual wages. The yearly turnover, is, approximately, of 600 EUR millions.

Source: DG Política Forestal y Espacios Naturales, Junta de Castilla – La Mancha


La Solana is a Spanish municipality in the province of Ciudad Real, in the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha. The town has an area of 134.18 km², a population of 15,792 people and a density of up to 117,69 dwellings per km². La Solana borders with San Carlos del Valle Membrilla, Manzanares and Alhambra, all of them located in the province of Ciudad Real.

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In respect of small game, we can find mammals as the Rabbit, the Hare, and the Fox; regarding non-migratory birds a hunter can come across a Carrion Crow, Pheasant, Rock Dove, Red-legged Partridge, Magpie and the Missel Thrush. In terms of migratory non-aquatic birds, we can hunt the Peewit, Eurasian Woodcock, Quail, Common Starling, Wood Pigeon, Stock Dove, Turtledove, Redwing, Song Thrush and the Fieldfare. Lastly, the migratory aquatic birds that can be hunted are the Mallard, Gadwall, Common Teal, Greylag Goose, Common Coot and Northern Shoveler.

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